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About Humble Vibes

We are Humble Vibes LLC. As a record company, we are focused on the production, promotion, and distribution of the best music, created by up-and-coming, talented artists.

We offer personalized services that meet the wants and needs of our demographic and ensure the quality of services which will enable us to turn our first-time customers into repeat customers.

One of the key success factors of our business is putting together a group of people with talents, experiences, skills, and personalities to mesh. We have recruited employees that truly believe in our company’s vision and are committed to bringing that vision to life. 

Our mission is to inspire and help young, aspiring artists to pursue careers in the music industry and beyond. Our mission as a record label is to build a business and a relationship that will help our clients achieve their highest dreams within the shortest time possible, and to be listed amongst the Top 10 record label companies in the U.S.

New: G Humble
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New: G Humble
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Raybandz producer


Raybandz is a producer from a very artistic family including musicians and singers.

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Styles producer


A native of Texas, Styles is very creative. He produces his own beats, sings, and raps.

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Ghumble Wondering album

Record label

It is better to record music with a record label. Our record label is run by people with experience in the industry who know what kind of music your audience wants, and how to bring out the best in new artists.

Humble Vibes LLC offers a variety of services within the scope of the music industry in the United States. As a record company, we are focusing on the production, promotion, and distribution of music. We do our own mixing and mastering to music released under our own label.

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Our recording services provide recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. We also provide video production services. The quality of the recording determines a good production. With our high-quality equipment, we can enhance the artist’s performance.

Employees at our recording services include recording engineers and videographers.

After recording, we do mixing, which is the most important part of the production. In this step, we create the right balance between the individual instruments and the vocals. The last level of production is mastering. In this step, we give the mix the final touch and make sure that the song sounds good everywhere

Humble Vibes t-shirts


Merchandise refers to any type of goods, for many years, musicians sold merchandise like t-shirts and posters simply as a way to make money. While it might not seem like more than just another article of clothing, wearing a piece or using a product with that rapper’s name or a band’s logo has always been a way for fans, sometimes millions of them, to connect with those musicians physically. Music consumption used to be physical, as it involved going to a record store and eventually reading liner notes on a vinyl sleeve or a CD booklet, but that has all changed in the past decade.

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